Changing Past Patterns

The sole purpose of your life is to change the patterning of the past; to change incarnations, many incarnations, in old thought and conditioning! While you stay in that old thinking, habits and conditioning, you cannot move away from the earthly incarnations. You are on a Carnival ride that you cannot get off; round and round you go, tied to the horse or whatever you are riding on the ride!

Each one of you on an inner level know what you need to change, but once you are on the Earth plane, all thought of that is forgotten even on that deeper level! After many incarnations trying to work things out for yourself, some of you request the assistance of a Master to assist you. But again, once you are incarnated, you soon forget you have chosen to do this, and at the end of your life, you return home with your soul purpose unchanged.

Change is not easy, it involves leaving the comfort zone behind until you can create another, new comfort zone! You are never without a comfort zone. Sometimes the comfort zone you know is not comfortable, but you hold onto it with so much fear that you would rather have an uncomfortable existence, than a comfortable one, living in misery, rather than happiness. You are all souls on your own path, you cannot live any one else’s path, for they will do it when the are ready! You can though, look at your own path, either through searching for yourself, or seeking the help of an astrologer or medium. How wonderful to return home to us with your life path achieved. It IS possible, and you can be one of those who can do that if you move forward and face your fear!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #380 from Maitreya Speaks.