Christmas Gifts

As humanity approaches a time of celebration within the Christian community, much money will be spent on gifts for this celebration. Many souls will go over their financial budget, and many will get into debt in providing gifts for their friends and loved ones. Yet, the most important gift one can give is of the self.

So many of you have beautiful gifts of creativity, of being able to cook, write etc., yet never think of using those talents to use as gifts for those whom you love. It is not the gift that is important, but the thought behind it. Making an item – whether food or a creative product – with your own hands can be the most wonderful gift to give. It states, “I spent the time in making this”, and for those who receive this gift, it has your love in it as well as the time you took to make the item – it makes it very special indeed.

What talents do you have inside of you? Can you cook shortcake? Can you write small books of love messages for those around you? Can you make gifts from simple materials? You do not need to spend a lot of money on those you love; the first Christmas gift was a child. There were no trimmings, trees or wrapping paper, just a child who left a message for the world in not being in fear. That was the true message of Christmas – let go of all fear.

Look at your talents and what you can do with your own hands, and then create. If you are unsure of doing this, ask us in the world of spirit for assistance and someone will be there to help you. For those who are Christian and those who are not, give the gift of yourself and you give the gift of love.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #135  from Maitreya Speaks.