Color – Part I

You do not realize how important color is in your life. If only you did, you would wear the most wonderfully colored clothes.

Each color has a vibration which the eyes of the one who looks at it responds to. Did you know that even the blind can be influenced by color? Yes, this is so, for they “feel” the color. They may not see it, but that does not mean they cannot feel it! All color has a vibration, and the blind can “feel” the color even though they may not see it.

The color red can bring in energy; it can also bring anger to the surface. The color yellow can bring the most depressed person out of their depression – enough to make them want to talk. It is the most wonderful color for this. The colors that you choose and that you wear are a barometer of your soul. For those who wear black, it is not a morbid color. It is neutral, but when worn with another color such as blue, green, or turquoise, it can become a wonderful healing color for those who wear it and those who see it. The color black enhances the other colors and makes them more profound, more striking.

Go into your heart and ask yourself “What color would I really like to wear?” No matter what that color, wear it. If you do, you will be soothing your soul and healing your mind, body, and soul. Your soul knows what color it needs; you just have to listen.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #334  from Maitreya Speaks