How many of you have true compassion, true understanding of another’s issues? So many of you when you meet someone who has issues or problems, want so much to give advice or to comment on those issues. There is always something you can find wrong or do not like, very rarely can you have total unconditional compassion!

What is compassion? It is the ability to see another with no thought of wanting to comment or to give advice, but just to see them with love and understanding. It is the ability of knowing they have a life path just like you, but not interfering in that life path, and having love for them – total and unconditional love without judgement, fear, or any other emotion. It is being in their presence without the Self wanting to run away because the Self does not like what it sees.

You can say, “but I have compassion” and I will say this to you: until you can be in the presence of a soul who is suffering, who has pain, or who is battling emotional or physical issues, and be in their presence without comment or wanting to change them or give advice, then you do not have compassion.

Compassion is love, yes, it comes from the heart, it is unconditional, and it just IS! When you have compassion, it can speak so many things, as it comes from the heart and is not tainted by the Self’s interference. It can be more powerful than love. True compassion is something that is very rare in the world today, but once mastered, can be the greatest healing tool.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #146 from Maitreya Speaks.