Many times I hear people say, “Oh, I have got rid of my conditioning,” and yet you have not. You see conditioning is not just what has been forced into you by parents, friends and others. It is also your subconscious belief systems as well.

All of your lives you have been fed a diet of what was right and what was wrong. Very rarely have you been able to make decisions for yourself. This is called conditioning. It was fed to you from the moment that you were able to communicate and is probably still being fed to you in one way or another. As you grew, you would have taken on much subconscious conditioning that you were not aware of simply by listening subconsciously to those around you, especially your parents and guardians.

While I was out one day with my channel, I was shocked to hear a woman call to her daughter in a most derogatory way. When her daughter did not answer her call because she was in her own little world, the mother then called her “Dumbo.” The child must have been called this many times because she instantly responded to the call. She will not realize the significance of such a name until she is older, and by then the damage will have been done. The child is not aware that she is being ridiculed, and yet every time she is called that name (her real name is Lucy by the way), it goes into her subconscious mind. Her mother was a very agitated woman, and it is highly likely that because she is around her mother a lot – absorbing all in her mother’s energy – that she will also absorb her agitation. Yet she will not be aware of it because it is done on a subconscious level. It is possible for you to actually become your own mother, father, or guardian because their thought system has become yours, their fear becomes yours, their negativity becomes yours.

Conditioning is deeply ingrained, it is created because souls cannot, and often are not, allowed to be their own person, make up their own minds, and do their own thing. When you have the opportunity do this and actually do so, then you find a soul without conditioning, a soul who is truly in tune with the Universe.

It is wonderful to clear all conditioning from the soul. But what about all the subconscious fears, doubts, etc., that have been placed their subconsciously? It is those that you need to be aware of. When you become aware of them, then you truly can become your own person.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #234 from Maitreya Speaks