Who are you? I ask that question because many of you do not know who you are! You may think you do, but you are a combination of what many people have conditioned you with over the years. From the moment that you are born, you become conditioned, your Mother and your Father choose what you will wear, eat and be exposed to. It does not matter that you have a different need than theirs, they cannot see that, all they see is their desire to assist you in your growth. At school you are again conditioned to believe that there is only one system, it is too bad if you are a creative soul with very little left brain activity, the education of today in most educational facilities does not provide for that. Again you are conditioned to believe in one system, but this time in group form.

As you grow and mature, more and more of what you are exposed to becomes what you are! Your higher self will rebel at times, trying to point out your truth to you, but the self, the ego, in fear, cannot see it. And so you grow.

If you are in a culture which is very family oriented, you become even more programmed and conditioned. Often, even your partner is selected for you by well meaning parents who too have ego, and think that they know best. And so it goes. The media creates conditioning with its advertising and press. But what about you?

What and who are you? You do not know because your free will has been taken away from you. Yes, it has, you are a compilation of all that has been conditioned into you. Do you know that in your television viewing, only 3 hours of continued viewing is required for information to be absorbed by the subconscious mind and become reality? This is true. No wonder there is so much violence in the world today. What can you do I can hear you say! You can start to pull yourself away from the illusion of the Earth plane, and begin to ask of yourself, WHAT DO I WANT, WHAT ARE MY WISHES? Then slowly implement those wishes and desires. Tell the Universe each one, and watch as the Universe creates them for you. Become the person you were meant to be, not the person the world has conditioned you for.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #49  from Maitreya Speaks