For centuries of earth time the Middle East area of the world has been a place of conflict and war. The conflict and war has been over a small piece of earth. One side has said it belongs to them; another has said it is theirs by right. Yet nothing belongs to anyone. When you enter this world you come in with nothing and, when you leave, you leave with nothing. What you have in between is on loan for your learning and growth on this earth plane. For those who fight over land, the fight has usually been going on for many earth years. Each party fighting has their own belief system, their own illusion, and each of them lives that illusion. They cannot see the futility of their actions. Neither can they see that fighting for this piece of dirt will not change things.

The energy of ego, of the need to control, which started so long ago is continuing to flow and destroy all those who come in contact with it. It is the very land they fight for that becomes their tormentor and jailer. So many places around the earth are like this: Northern Ireland, the Middle East, Croatia, East Timor, the places are too numerous to mention. They do not understand that, if they continue to fight, they will still be fighting in another fifty earth years. Yet neither party will share because of religious beliefs, political beliefs, or both. Can you not see that you are destroying yourselves? What does conflict do? It certainly does NOT heal!

I have said before on this website that each man has his own truth. Why can humanity not have many truths? Only when mankind understands that each man can have his own truth will war and conflict stop. We who channel from the spiritual realms have come to help you to see this – to hopefully educate humanity that you can all be different, yet one nation, one world. When humanity does this, it will have truly raised its consciousness and will finally find peace. Then all land will be shared; nobody will own anything. You never did anyway. You just thought you did. It is only yours to use on your earth plane journey.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #235  from Maitreya Speaks