Consideration for Others

Do you have consideration for others? Do you allow other people to make their mistakes and learn or grow? Or do you interfere, tell them they are doing the wrong thing, and try to persuade them otherwise?

There is so much manipulation on the earth plane today – souls who think they know best about another. Yet, each soul has their own path, their own vibration, their own ideas, and an inner ‘knowing’ of what to do. If they follow this intuition, they will be led and guided every step of the way of their lives to fulfill their destiny and fulfill their lives.

Humanity has such a habit of interference in others’ lives, of feeling they know what is best for everyone. They do not. Only each soul knows what is best for itself. Consideration for others means not interfering in another’s life, belief system, or faith.

It is hard seeing a fellow soul suffer. The heart cries out wanting to help, but only through pain and suffering can one truly learn. Humanity says, “Why should we go through pain and suffering? Why would God want this?” God does not want it, nor does the energy of God choose it for you. It was your choice before you were born to choose the way – whether hard or easy – that you will grow and become a higher energy.

The earth plane is the Hell that the Christians talk about. Heaven is the spiritual plane. It is here on the earth plane that you can work through your karma, raise your vibration, and become an enlightened being. You choose (as a soul) to come here. Your life mission, lessons, and past mistakes can all be worked out here and can be found in your astrology chart. With this key, you have the opportunity to move on, to become the enlightened being you would like to be.

The earth plane also provides a Self. This is the Devil/Satan of the Christian faith. This energy, for it is an energy inside of you, will do everything in its power to stop you from moving forward. It is basically a battle between the Self and the Higher Self, which is the divine part of you. When you do not have consideration for others, you do not allow a soul to grow. In effect, you affect their life path by your decisions. Let each soul make their own decisions.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #329 from Maitreya Speaks