When you are in charge of your own life, the energy can flow to help you. Yet too many of you still try to control not only your lives, but also the lives of others. Why do you do this? You do it because you are afraid to let go. You feel that you can be the other person. You do not realize that by controlling, or trying to control, another you take away their right to individual choice. In so many subtle ways, humanity feels the need to interfere in others’ lives. You each have individual choices; you each have your own destiny. When another lives that destiny for you, you stop the growth of your soul.

Even a child should be given the opportunity to make choices. It may not be your choice, but it is their choice. A child who makes a choice in their life becomes more mature and can handle life a lot better than a child who is told what to do. Parents are there as a guide to help the child in its path. Parents should not live the child’s life for it. If they do this, they take away a basic freedom and stop spiritual growth. If a choice is made that could cause the child harm, this should be pointed out to the child, but the child still has to learn and perhaps through the experience of this, will learn a valuable lesson.

Husbands try to control wives; friends try to control friends. When each of you takes control of your own life and does not interfere in another’s, each one of you can grow in spirituality and fulfill your own destiny without interference. I am often asked, “Master, why do I have to keep coming back in incarnation?” I say to these people, “When you stop influencing another and stop interfering in others’ lives, then you will stop the process that keeps you coming back.” It is as simple as that.

– Maitreya

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #306 from Maitreya Speaks.