Dealing with the Self

The higher in vibration you rise to, the harder it becomes to deal with the Self. One has the impression that once one gets to a higher rate of vibration then everything is fine. However, the role of the Self is to protect itself, and you or so it thinks, and you will never be able to remove it. You WILL leave it behind when you come home to spirit; but every physical body has a Self, it is the survival part of humanity.

One can however, learn to control that energy and not give in to it. Since its conception, it has learned how to maneuver the body and to sabotage humanity from moving forward. It is the reason why there is so much return to the earth plane, it instills fear, doubt and insecurity into every soul. Fear which stops souls from walking their destiny path and fulfilling it. If one does not know about the Self, it can mimic the Higher Self and have you believing it is that energy! Only a brave few know how to handle the Self, deal with it, control it, and manipulate it.

There are actual tricks one can do to placate the Self and when put into being, the Self can become tamed, giving you a chance to learn about it. Even when it has been tamed and one has dealt with it, like a squirrel, it will hide information about you, so when you are tired, busy and worn out, when you are vulnerable, it will bring out its secret stash to use against you. My channel is now on a higher level of vibration, but the Self is now fighting for its life, as there is more Higher Self there than Self. It can feel and see its demise; it is determined to survive, and waits until she is tired and has little energy to really cause distress and havoc in her life.

She was told about this by we the Brotherhood members, but knowing about it and experiencing it are two different things. She works hard at fighting the Self when she has low energy, but it still manages to get to her at times. Some call it “The Monkey Mind” others ego, but it is a living force and unless one can understand it and to deal with it, one cannot raise one’s vibration, and is forever a slave to it. The Self lives in the past, it is in fear of the future! The Photon Energy is helping humanity to fight the Self by blocking information about the past in each soul. Many are thinking they have a memory problem, but it is the Higher Self’s way of having control from the Self, most of the time it is in control, but only when the body is tired, with limited energy, can the Self come in and do its damage. Be aware of your Self, its purpose is to stop you moving forward using fear, doubt, insecurity and other such expressions. The Higher Self only wants to see you fulfill your destiny, and to be happy, it has no fear at all, it knows what it is there for with you. Let it do its job!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #392 from Maitreya Speaks