Through the eyes of my channel I have been watching the fear that has been distributed about the flu which has been given the name “Swine Flu.” There have always been plagues and illnesses caused by viruses. You as a soul, through your natal chart and your daily transits, decide whether you will experience this situation and remain on the earth plane or come home to us through experiencing it. There is such a fear about death, about dying. Why is this?

For the last few hundred years on the earth plane we have been educating you about the death process through our mediums and by channeling books through them on that subject. Some of you live only a few years because you return to finish off something from a previous life. Others of you live a long life while still others return in your middle years. You all choose the time you will be born and the time you will die. Some souls are able to manifest very quickly – mainly those who have good planets and aspects in their 11th house in their natal chart – and, if they have fear of anything (especially about becoming ill, catching a virus, and dying from that illness), what they believe is what they will manifest. They may not have to return home, but their fear is so abject that they concentrate on the thought. Their fear is so great that they actually manifest what they fear, and this takes them home to us. Of course, it was not actually in their plan to do so, hence the need to come back and live those few remaining years or even half of a life.

First of all, if it is your time to come home, do not have any fear – you will never die alone. There is always someone from our world waiting to greet you and take you over to us. You cannot stop it either, so have no fear and allow your soul to leave as it was meant to do. Do not with struggle with it as it will do no good to fight it. Perhaps it is the fear of losing your loved ones and family. Usually your incarnation is to learn to detach from that situation and not give it so much energy. From our world, until you can adjust to your returning home, you can keep an eye on those people if you wish and as often as you want. The only thing you cannot do is to give advice to them and be involved in their life. Once you return home and become accustomed once again to the way of life here and the fact that no soul is born to be attached to another, you can then let go of the energy.

You see you are all on the earth plane to help each other, to teach each other. Each of you is a mirror for another, showing what you cannot see yourself within yourself. Your father could have been your lover or husband in another incarnation. Your wife could have been your child or your brother or friend in another life also. You will not have the person you are married to in the next life. They are only there to be a teacher/mirror for you. You can, of course, be very close friends in our world but usually, when an incarnation is over, one moves on and cuts the cords of attachment to those one has been attached to on the earth plane.

There are a few souls on the earth plane who have detached from emotion and who can return home with the knowing that they are not going to have their wife/husband/friend in their life here. They are already detached and, for those souls, they find their transition so easy to achieve. But those who are so concerned, who cannot let go once they pass over, spend time in the reception areas slowly letting go of the soul memories of their recent incarnation and gaining back their insight into our world. If the life has been traumatic and hard, then transition can take some time, but we have time in our world.

There are those who say we do not have time, but we do. However, it is different from your time on the earth plane. In our time, it can take a while before the soul fully realizes they were in an illusion and are now back home.

Do not fear death, for if you do, it will make it harder for you to come home. Embrace death. All pain or suffering because of your earthly experiences (which you have chosen) disappear once you leave your body. Recently, we sent one of the victims who chose to be imprisoned and beaten as part of the USA search for terrorism to my channel. He died a very painful and lonely death in a prison overseas. He was just a normal man who was arrested and, in the eyes of many, was tortured. Long before he died, he was out of his body and gone. However, he did feel pain and did suffer. He wanted to come back and show my channel that he forgave those who hurt him and held nothing against them. My channel had become really upset over the constant discussion of this matter on the television. She was overwhelmed at his love and forgiveness over what happened. It certainly helped her to see and reiterated for her the dying process.

Of course there are souls who are so in fear that they cannot leave. These souls become earthbound, unable because of their own fear to leave the earth and move on. It takes Master teachers who work with compassion and understanding in those dark areas of fear to help them come home in addition to those in your world who also assist in helping them pass over to our world.

You cannot run away from death; you cannot fight it. Every soul has to leave their body. If you are afraid of death, find out why. Did you die painfully in a past life? Were you suffering when you died? Why do you have fear? – like my channel who also at one time had a fear of dying. Find out why and you will lose the fear. Know that when you come home, no matter what you had done in your life, you are met with love, compassion and understanding. No one judges you – not one of us. You will, of course, judge yourself when you have no Self there anymore, but even then, you are given help to enable you to let go of that.

– Maitreya

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #233 from Maitreya Speaks.