You are all different. Even twins are different, they may look the same, act the same, dress the same, but they are not the same. There are no two souls the same on the Earth plane. Just think of the souls who live there and then be aware of no two souls being the same. How incredible! Each one of you is unique. Each one of you is a divine spark of God, attempting to get back to that energy. Each one of you will do it in your own way. You cannot do it the same way as your friend or neighbor because you are not the same as he/she. Neither can that soul do it like you. You are both different. You will however do it in your own way.

It never ceases to amaze me how souls feel that other souls have to do it their way, when in fact they cannot because they are not the same. When humanity can realize the differences in each other, when they can understand that there are many paths to God, what does it matter which path you take that it is not the same as your neighbor? When they can realize that each soul is a unique being different from everyone else, then and only then will peace start returning to the earth plane. The wars will stop and humanity will grow in Spirit. It will happen one day. In the meantime understand the differences between yourself and others, embrace their differences, do not condemn because someone does it different from you. This is how they choose to do it, their own way.

You have your belief system – you have your own way of doing things according to your vibration and physical make-up. Why should others not have that same right? Why does humanity insist on everyone being the same? It is because they do not understand the Spiritual within them. Yes, you all have a part of the Spiritual Soul within you, but many do not know or are not aware of that part of them. The Creator, the Great Soul as many call him – God to others, created each one of you as a separate being. Even those of you who are twins or of multiple births have different personalities.

The personality part of you is the real you, the Spiritual within. You are not the same as your brother or any other human soul, you are unique. Think of that! You are the only one like you. The wonder of it! That the Creator, God, Divine Soul or whatever you call the energy that created you just as you, and then broke the mould so that nobody else could be like you. There are those of you who will say, “But Master what about cloning?” “Is that not making another of me?” I will answer, “Yes it will be a, exact copy of the physical you, but it cannot replicate your soul. That part of you is unique.”

If humanity is to leave behind the war, hatred, fear, and all the other states of consciousness which for many earth years have had control over their lives, they first of all have to understand the differences between themselves and others. They have to understand that one can be a Moslem and one a Christian, yet they can still be friends and comrades. One a Jew, one an Orthodox Christian, and still be friends and comrades. Just because they have a difference in their belief system should not be the cause of hatred or unhappiness.

Humanity has also to learn love. So many souls do not know what it is to love or to receive love. It is the food that feeds the soul. Without it you wither and die. Without it you are without a fundamental part of you. Humanity needs to learn of love if peace and happiness are to reign on the earth plane. It starts with one soul accepting another – another’s differences and belief system. When this is done, humanity then can build the bricks of a new society, one that has no differences, no concern over another’s beliefs, and acceptance of all souls no matter what they choose to do. When this happens, you will see anger, frustration, and fear disappear, for it is the fear of another and their differences that is the cause of all problems on the earth plane today.

I am here to teach that love, to help you find the Spiritual part of you, and to help you free the soul. If you choose to listen you will find change within yourself that will influence not only yourself but also others. If you choose not to listen, you are not at this earth time ready. But there will come a time when you are, for the vibration of the earth plane is changing and bringing forth a “new age,” a time of renewal when all of the old will fall away and be replaced with new concepts and beliefs suitable for the time of the now. How wonderful when that time comes!

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #240 from Maitreya Speaks.