Discipline and Spiritual Development

You ask me, “Master, what can I do to develop myself spiritually?” To become spiritually developed means to have discipline. You are so used to doing it your way or when you feel like doing it. We also have our way. Often our way ties in astrologically with the planets.

So many souls ask to work for us. They say, “Master, please let us work for you!” So we allow you to do so, but before long you are complaining because you need time to yourself. To work for us, the Masters, means to give a total commitment. It does not mean to say that you hand over your freedom. You do not. But we are hard taskmasters; we have to be. While working for us you are also working through the lessons you have to learn.

Many souls think that, because they work for us, they get concessions. This is not true. We do see that you do not need for anything and we do open the doors of opportunity for you to grow. However, you must earn the rewards – prove that you are worthy. There is a lot of hard work. Many souls do not last for very long.

Dedication, hard work, and letting go of the Self – of one’s own wants and needs – are the key points to passing through the spiritual tests. We do not set the test – you do – but we assist you to learn. When you ask for our help, it has been pre-arranged before birth. But once we start to work with you and help discipline you, you run away. You cannot take the pace. It is not “My will be done,” but “Thy will be done.” When one forgets about the Self – about one’s own needs and desires – and begins to work with us, then spiritual growth starts to take place.

We can help you, but you have to do it our way. You have asked for this because, over many incarnations, your way has not worked. The way of the Self has taken you down paths that stopped you from growing. Know that the path may be hard – it may be rocky – but at the end of the path is a rainbow and a peace that passeth all understanding, a peace one cannot describe. It is oneness with God and it is available to all those who surrender to us, who work with us, and who follow our promptings. We do not mean you to suffer. When you fight us, you will suffer. When you do not, everything will fall into place. It will be perfect if you do not fight. However, it is the path of the Self to fight, to hang in there until the bitter end.

All we do is to show you how to bypass the Self, how to work with the Higher Self. It is not hard once you know how.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #344  from Maitreya Speaks