Education is the Key

I am often asked, “Maitreya, what can I do to become an enlightened being?” I have no hesitation in replying, “Educate yourself.” Get past the ego which tells you it is expensive and it is not for you. If you could see the souls who return home, not having followed their dream for education or having a fear of failure, it is sad to see them when they realize that they were capable, and all they needed would have been provided, but they did not take the opportunity.

There are those who wish for education but fear they are not good enough to learn. They fear rejection, low grades, and ridicule if they fail. Yet they do not realize that what they think is what they will create. There are others who fear spending their money, for if they do they will have nothing or their bank account will be low in funds. What they do not realize is that they are making a better future for themselves with more income and a better standard of living. Their study can make life easier not harder. However, their financial fear stops them from seeing that.

Education is the most important factor in raising one’s vibration and moving forward on an esoteric level. Many souls choose to come back and BE educated, but once again their fear stops them from even opening the door to begin. You and you alone are the creator of what you want in your life. You can create abundance or lack. However, if you have much deep subconscious patterning from the past, it needs to be removed before you can move forward.

When I am asked how a person can begin to learn I say to them; “Begin with your past-life energy. If you have any fear, if you dislike a person, if you have any phobias or problems in your life, they have to come from somewhere; they began a long time ago and are stored in the soul memory. You have incarnations of memories not released – energy not released. The Self holds on to this fear and uses it as a weapon to sabotage your moving forward and freeing yourself from the chains of slavery. For that is what past-life memory is; it is slavery to the past. Once it is gone, there is no more fear. Without the fear, everything is possible and can be achieved. With the fear, the door to possibility and opportunity stays closed.

Fear is the bane of the Earth plane and fear stops each and every person from moving forward to take their rightful place among those who are successful, those who have already removed their fear. There are many though whose Self cannot allow them to relax and discover their past-life energy. When that happens, one needs then to visit someone such as my channel who can tell you where your energy lies and how you can remove it. By just being in her presence, she can absorb your old energy, removing it and enabling you to move forward and make the changes necessary to fulfill your destiny and become successful.

The key lies in you and how much you want to make those changes. Only YOU can make the decision, nobody else but YOU. With education on an esoteric level, YOU have the key, and YOU can open the door. Why don’t you see what is behind the door?


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #223 from Maitreya Speaks