Facing Your Fear

Many of you on the earth plane believe that life is fated and, yes, it is. You choose before you are born to fulfill the learning of lessons, to repay debts, and to work through relationships. However, many of you are not aware that all of that can change because of the choices you make.

Many souls come back home to us unaware they had lessons to learn and many of them ran away from these experiences. The Higher Self part of you knows your lessons; it knows what you have come to learn. However, the Self part of you – the “Devil” or “Satan” of the Christian religions – also has access to that information and will spend your whole lifetime trying to keep you from having it. Only by raising your vibration – as I wrote about in the book “The Photon Energy” – can you gain access to the information, and also through astrology. However, even with astrological information you cannot put it into effect unless you raise your vibration/consciousness. The Self part of you will stop you through fear, doubt, insecurity and many other emotional elements.

I wish you could see those souls when they return home – full of remorse, sadness, and frustration – that could not face their fear and work beyond their doubts, insecurities, and other emotions while in the body. The more you can work on those parts of your personality, the more you can gain access to and rise above the chains which keep you there on the earth plane.

Fear has been the bane of humanity since the beginning of time. While you have fear, you cannot move forward no matter what you do. Yet fear is just an emotion, an energy. This fear travels with you incarnation after incarnation and in each incarnation it becomes harder to face. As I channel this writing there are souls on the earth plane who have had the same fear for more than 30 incarnations. For those who are like this, the only way they can become free of this energy is to have the help of a Master’s energy to remove it. This can only be done through a channel who is on a high vibration. When one finds that soul, their energy is what draws you to them – that and a knowing they have to help you. Then, however, the fear really becomes apparent.

First of all, the Self will tell them they cannot afford to see that person and will make excuses to cancel appointments; it will do all it can to stop any communication. However, the fear cannot be removed from those who have had it for many incarnations without the assistance of a high-vibration energy.

How can you tell whether a soul is on a high vibration? It can be felt and seen in their energy. They do not speak badly of anyone or anything, they see good in all they do, their heart is open, and their concerns are truly about caring and compassion rather than money or financial/material reward. When you find that soul, you have truly found a Master’s energy.

If a soul finally comes for teaching or assistance, then it really must face its fear. Once again, the Self will do all it can to try to stop this. Many have fallen by the wayside at this stage. But for those who do face their fear, they are freed from repeating these issues which have plagued them for many incarnations and held them back spiritually. Nobody can do it for them; they must do it themselves.

You make the choices to do it and finish it. So many souls do not fulfill their destiny. You do not realize the fact that, if you run away from a situation, the Universe will just bring it back again and again and again until you deal with it; it does not end after one incarnation. Any issues not faced or learned just await being faced again and go back into the soul’s Akashic records.

At this time on the earth plane, humanity is being given the chance to release many incarnations of karma, fear, doubt etc. The Photon Energy, the many spiritual teachers on the earth plane, and the high vibration of the earth plane – all of these are assisting humanity at this time. Will you be one of those brave enough to face your fear, let go, and move forward? I hope you will.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #221 from Maitreya Speaks