The world is in a pretty dark place as I channel this message, so much strife, fear and loss. The darkness is all over the world, refugee’s fighting for survival and a place to live; fear of the future, fear of life itself! It is in this environment one asks, where is God, how can such an energy ignore what is happening? There are so many souls in need and fear, why does this energy ignore what is happening?

While you are in darkness, you cannot see the light. The darkness is fueled by fear; while you have fear you will always be in the dark. The energy you know as God is there to change the darkness into light, but YOU have to request the light and let go of the fear to enable this to happen. Fear is your enemy; it stops you from seeing the light and your pathway out from your distress.

God is not human, but consciousness, it can help you but you need to connect with that energy, slow down, let go of the fear and allow your intuition to show you or tell you what to do. It is no good having fear; for fear stops the flow of the divine energy; it stops the intuition and masks the answers sent through from the spirit realm.

It is not easy moving away from fear, and trusting God will speak to you, but it will if you can move away from the fear. It may not be what you wish for, but only later can you see the reason for the instruction, there is never a wrong move. This situation is making many people compassionate, the earth plane is the planet for humanity, there are no borders, only those, man has put there.

It is only when fear is removed on the earth plane that the earth plane can move forward in vibration, it can take a long or a short time; it is up to humanity to choose when. For now that is a long time in the future. Individually though, the more who remove fear, can bring in the new energy of optimism and a new future; the world can become one with all those presently stateless, refugee’s and those without a home. There is room for all if fear is removed.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #402  from Maitreya Speaks.