Fear of Change

There is a misnomer that we from the world beyond yours are communicating through channels to bring negative energy to the Earth plane. We have been labeled the “Anti-Christ” or “feeds of the devil” but this could not be further from the truth! Our purpose is not to take away what you already have, your faith and what you believe in, but to bring new teaching to those who wish to live in the world today and have an easier way of life. Life 2,000 years ago when Jesus was on the Earth plane, and prior to that time when Prophets were on the Earth plane was completely different to today, it was a very simple life with hardly any stress of any kind. Life today has changed dramatically, and is totally different to the world that was. You now drive motor vehicles instead of riding and traveling by camel; most of you live in houses with all modern conveniences which were not available then; and now life is stressful most of the time.

For some reason, humanity likes to live in the past; it does not like change, in fact it fears change, and this is where the fear of us comes from, we bring change, change of thinking in today’s world. My channel was a Christian before she came to work with me. She still reads her Christian books, and speaks regularly of the Bible, old and new testaments. I have enabled her to understand a lot of the writing of those days, and she knows many truths where there were untruths. For instance, Jesus was quoted as stating; “In my Father’s house there are many mansions” when in fact he stated; “In my Father’s house there are many dimensions.” It does not change the concept of the story, just the text!

Jesus was on the Earth plane to take away fear, there was much fear in the days he was on the Earth plane. We come from our world with an energy which enables fear to be dispelled, and with knowledge which will make your life better. Recently, as man in America, A. J. Jacobs, spent a whole year, living the life of the Bible, following every rule and order given in that book. His talk on video shows just how out of touch humanity is with that world; in fact his talk is not only quite humorous, but VERY informative about how the rules no longer apply today.

We are working through channels on the Earth plane, to bring a whole new knowledge to humanity. It is not satanic, nor is it designed to take you away from what you believe in. You can still attend your synagogue, church, or place of worship; we do not ask you to stop doing this, but we give you through our writing a new way of living and doing things. Do not fear us; we come not to harm, but to educate. If you still wish to label us with names such as “Anti-Christ” that is your choice, but know we have no intention of changing your thoughts and faith, what we have to give you will enhance it and enable you to stand away from the energy of 2,000 years ago, and live in the now. We come with love to assist you, why do you have fear and hate? Would Jesus have had that energy? We know not, but you who profess to be Christian or Jewish, prefer to think that way. Once you let go of your fear, you will be able to see the light we bring.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #358 from Maitreya Speaks