Free Choice

Humanity has created much strife and conflict in the world because they cannot accept the belief of another and because they insist that their view is right. This is very prevalent with the subject of eating meat of any kind. The need for eating meat came when humanity began their lives on the earth plane. It was part of the human make-up to eat it and, since that time, it has been a staple in people’s lives. There are those who have chosen not to eat meat and for those people their choice is their own. Yet they often feel the need to put their views onto others, and many get very upset at those who do eat meat. The world cannot become a better place unless humanity can learn to understand each other’s views and opinions.

It is not only with the eating of meat, but also with everything on the earth plane. Just because a person chooses to do what they do (which may go against another), does not mean they, themselves, are wrong. Many people believe that, because I write about this subject, I support the eating of meat. This is not true. We, in Spirit, do not partake of food at all unless we wish to create it, which not many do. We do, however, know that, unless one can have choice (and those who do not like that choice learn to understand this), the earth plane will stay the way it is, in strife, war, conflict, etc.

Each soul has their own thoughts, ideas and choices. If they choose to be different from the next person or to those around them, this is their choice and they should not be criticized or punished for doing so. The world is a large place. There is room on this planet for all beliefs and choices. Learn to tolerate those who are different. Do not try to imprint your views upon them; they will only fight you anyway. Do not waste energy on this, and allow each soul to be different. Once humanity in general can do this, then the earth plane will become a much better world.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #354  from Maitreya Speaks.