What is the peace that passes all understanding, what is the rapture?

It is a state of being that can only be experienced when the soul is at peace. From many incarnations there is restlessness. Energy, that has not dispersed. It is this energy which causes the unrest, which the Self uses against you; when you begin the path towards fulfillment spiritually.

All that you have feared, been angry about, emotionally upset about, this is energy not dealt with. Negative energy, trapped from incarnation to incarnation. Some of you have had this energy within you for thousands of years, terrified to let go of it, and the Self has had a celebration each incarnation at how it can use it to stop you moving on spiritually and freeing yourself from the earth plane.

Spiritual development is about looking at this energy, whatever it may be, anger, fear, doubt, insecurity, dissatisfaction, jealousy, and many more emotions. Controlling the emotional body is the only way to raise the vibration. The Prophet Jesus said, “Go within, all is within”. Why did he say this? He said it because he knew also that the key to heaven, rapture, paradise, peace, nirvana whatever you wish to call it, lay inside one’s inner being, and the control of the emotional body.

The purpose of the life journey is to release this negative energy. Throughout your life, teachers will come, people will mirror for you, and lessons will be given you. The usual response when we see these people is to run away, we do not wish to face whatever it is that we have to see. For those few who do stay; who do face the issues; the release of this energy from the emotional body causes a raise in vibration, and as the soul rises above the illusion of the Earth plane, it begins to see the futility of wasting energy; the futility of all negative energy. It is only then that the soul will begin to find peace. It is then that fulfillment will become a part of life. When there will be a peace that passes all of your understanding. Every soul can have fulfillment, can have the rapture. It will not come in being transported to heaven on a cloud, it has to be earned through facing all of the negative issues locked away in the subconscious mind. Then and only then, will one find true fulfillment.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #56 from Maitreya Speaks