There have been inquiries about my writings on giving, whether the giving of energy or of money. What is right and what is wrong, how does one know whether it is karmic or not? The first issue on this subject is that one must remember each soul has their own lessons to learn, and by giving advice, guidance, money, support or anything else to help a soul, one can often stop that soul from growing and learning.

Each soul has their own plan, each soul chooses their own way of learning their lessons, and moving forward on their spiritual path. However, in some instances souls may owe karma to others. How does one know this? One knows this because one has such a strong feeling that one owes karma to that soul. It is almost like a deep knowing, it feels “right”, and when it is true, the Self does little to stop this, for the Higher Self rules in this instance. It is after the Higher Self has made the decision that the Self can then come in.

If the debt is left owing as time passes and not repaid, the Self will persuade one that it is not necessary to repay the karma, and make excuses not to do this. However, the first recollection or awareness of the situation should be the one that you go with. One can have no memory of a past life experience but still have the “knowing” that karma is needing to be repaid. Sometimes though, one can see a person suffering, financially or otherwise and want to assist this person. Emotionally, one cannot want to see this person in the situation they are. If there is no strong knowing, one could stop the spiritual growth of this individual because of that giving. The only way humanity learns is through the many lessons put in its way. If humanity were all given assistance, nobody would learn anything.

We in spirit have watched my channel Margaret go through her life lessons. You cannot imagine how many times we wanted to help her, ease her pain and difficulty, but this was how she learned, in a sense, the hard way, but she did learn. She chose what she went through as her life plan, and it has made her the teacher she is, the counselor and clairvoyant she is. It has strengthened her, not weakened her.

By helping another when it is not a karmic situation, one can not only stop the growth, but also bring the soul back for another round of incarnation. But what of giving gifts, at special times, or gifts to one’s children or friends, of money or energy. Is this also wrong? To give the occasional gift is not wrong, what is wrong is to continue to support and give to those who should not be receiving it.

One can always seek out spiritual advice from a qualified reader/astrologer as to whether your feelings about karma are correct. The Self is constantly looking to do things for others so it does not have to look at its own lessons. While it is concentrating on another’s problems and being concerned for that soul, it is not being concerned about itself. Each soul before it is born chooses it’s life lessons and how it will handle these. An astrologer working with the natal charts of you and the other person can tell whether a situation is karmic or not. A good spiritual reader should be able to tell you this also.

So many souls have to return to the Earth plane because of what others do for them. It is so easy to take what is given and take the easy way out, but by doing that one does not learn the lessons one has to learn, and one does not raise the vibration. What of those who work with charity organizations? Are they stopping souls from growing? No, as long as they help the organizations. Many souls come back to learn lessons from work and service for which they are not paid and repay karma in this way. These organizations enable souls to take control of their own lives and learn their own lessons. It is not wrong to work in one of these organizations. These organizations provide a valuable service in assisting souls to move forward and take control eventually of their own lives.

This is not an easy subject to write about, but it is hoped it may give some clarity to some souls, especially those who work in the charitable organizations.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #133  from Maitreya Speaks