Having Love in Your Life

There are many in the world today who will tell you the answers to the world’s problems lie in the fact there is not enough love in the world. This in a way is true, but before you can have love you need to love yourself and also understand what love is. If you have anger toward another, you cannot have love. If you do not understand the reason why people do things once again, there can be no love while there are questions! You can only love truly when all the excuses, blocks, fears and other emotions are out of the way.

All of your emotions and emotional attachments are almost always related to love and hate, if you have hate, anger, fear, or any other emotion toward another, there is no love. So, how do you find love? It is not something which can be found overnight, it can take years before one even gets a glimpse of it. However, if you do find just a small part of it, allow it to be, and not run away from it, you are on your way to finding love. Humans usually want to run away from love, they fear getting hurt, they fear losing their independence or they just fear it because in a past lifetime, they were pained or hurt by love. Yet love when accepted by you, can be the most wonderful energy for aiding you in your life.

If you have love in your life, true love that is, it will enable you to detach emotionally, and to see life as it really is, without the illusions usually attached to it. TRUE love is without emotion, it is not manipulative nor controlling, and it understands if the other partner, family member or friend thinks differently from you. True love does not say, ” Why?” It just accepts without comment or judgement, it is without feeling. Love is true acceptance of another person’s decisions and choices. Love is without fear or doubt; love does not want to please, or make someone happy. Love is joy that all in the world is well. With love, you need nothing; without love, you are continually trying to find companionship. Yet, love is singular. You cannot make a person love, only they can choose to do this alone.

Before you can find love though, you need to find out who you are! Who are you really? Astrologically, you are a sum total of past life energy, fear, caution, and dread, along with happiness and positive energy.  Whatever you did not face in a prior life, or lives, is waiting to be faced again. While that is happening, love cannot enter the picture, for those emotive experiences are stopping the flow of love.

Love is waiting to happen for all of you, it is your right to have it in your life, but many of you will never find it because you are trapped by your own emotions. Find yourself, and you will find true love. Deal with the anger, fear, doubt, and other (what you call on the Earth plane) negative emotions, and you will not only find love, but also you will understand it. Your heart will open, and from it will flow true unconditional love. You are your own worst enemy, for you do not know who you really are; you think you do, but you do not. Once you find the love for yourself, then and only then can you give love to all who need it and truly experience it yourself unconditionally.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #363  from Maitreya Speaks