How Can I Serve Humanity?

I am often asked, “How can I serve humanity? How can I help the work?” You can do this by stepping out of the Self, stepping out of the fear of your life and giving of yourself to help others. It does not matter how you give, whether teaching, healing, or working in other areas. All that matters is that you step outside of the Self and allow the energy of the Universe to lead and guide you to your path. It can happen; all you need to do is to trust, to believe that Spirit will assist you. We are just waiting for you to hand over control to us!

Your Self will have you imagine that we will hurt you or control you, but all we wish to do is to assist you to grow and learn, to work with you to assist humanity, and to lead and guide you to a better life. We will help you if you will help yourself – your Higher Self that is. Your Higher Self has all the answers. Your Higher Self knows your path – your destiny – and can lead you through the minefield of life in a far easier way than the Self can.

Your Self will destroy you if it can, for it does not want to leave the comfort zone. Your Higher Self only wishes to educate you and to take you to a higher vibration. Once you can do this, then you can serve humanity. The Self will do everything it can to stop you. It will bring out all the fear, doubt, disbelief – and this will stop you in your tracks. However, if you fight the fear, have no doubt, and believe in a higher source of energy, then your life will change. It will change so much that you will bring all that you desire into your life.

There is nothing wrong in having abundance in your life, in having money and success. It is what you do with it that is important. If it is used to help humanity on its path, then it is truly being used for good. How can you serve humanity if you are poor? Yes, I can see your Selves finding an answer for this question, yet, without funds or material assets one can be limited and frustrated if one wishes to help in certain ways. You limit yourselves in so many ways. However, once you believe that abundance is yours and it can be used to help others, then it will surely come into your life.

Often there can be past-life residue from a convent, monastery or a poverty-type existence that is behind the lack in this life. If you have poverty consciousness and wonder where this comes from, then find out the answer through past-life regression and remove it from your energy. Then you can use the abundance to assist humanity.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #312 from Maitreya Speaks