Is There Divine Law?

In a recent interview with a newspaper/magazine, the interviewer asked of Margaret; “Is there such a thing as divine law?” Through Margaret I immediately answered, “No there is not.” The interviewer seemed surprised, but no, there is no divine law. Many of you will be surprised at this answer yourselves because you are so used to law and to having law in your lives.

What is law anyway? What is the meaning of law? Law was created to control man/woman kind. It was created by human beings to control certain areas of life that many of those at the time thought should be controlled. By creating a law, certain aspects of life could be monitored. They did not have the awareness at the time that, if you remove something, take something away, or create a law banning it, the subject wants and needs it all the more. If it is not subject to constant awareness, then it usually does not come into the mind.

The Ultimate Being, God, Supreme or Divine being whom many of you accept does not make rules, for each and every one of you is on your own path. What could be right for some, is not right for others. You cannot have favoritism! So much war and strife has been created by laws, curfews, limitation — all in the name of trying to control humanity. What one agrees with, another will disagree! So there is no divine law, none at all. If there were such a law it would be even worse than it is on the earth plane.

Many look upon what is known as “The Ten Commandments” as divine law, but this is not so. The Creator/Ultimate Being does not take sides, does not dictate, and does not want humanity fighting with itself. This is what law creates. I can only write a short amount in this newsletter about this subject. However, I hope this will assist many of you to move on your vibrational path to higher consciousness.

So how can you on the earth plane move away from making and having to create law? By being tolerant, forgiving, loving, understanding, unconditional, and non judgmental in all that you do and in all of your relationships on the earth plane. Once humanity learns those traits and others of similar nature then, and only then, will humanity have peace and live side by side all over the world in harmony.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #206 from Maitreya Speaks