Just Let It Go

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #103 from Maitreya Speaks.

Make peace with those who have hurt and injured you whether physically or emotionally. People who hurt you in some form do this because they very often remember past life memory of pain and hurt. They cannot deal with their own anger and frustration, and often take it out on those around them. Hate nobody. Be angry with nobody. Do not hold on to anger and hatred either. If you have this in your heart for any living soul, or any spiritual soul, one who has passed over, then let it go and allow forgiveness to replace the negative emotions.

It is so sad to see souls return home to spirit full of bitterness, anger and hatred. It not only stops their awakening in our world, but also it holds them back. Those who wrong you, do so because they do not know what else to do. Often they are angry at themselves, but have a need to express that anger in the presence of others. They have to make others suffer for THEIR problems. The pain of accusation, anger, hatred, and other emotions we are exposed to by others can be very deep and hurtful, but do not hold on to this feeling. Forgive the soul involved, move away, learn from the experience, give it no energy, and you will find that in Earth time, there will be a healing. As you move on and time passes, life will evolve much better without the burden of the emotion. Connect to the Higher Self part of you if you have difficulty in letting go of that negative energy. Ask the Higher Self part of you for help, and ask the Masters, or if you believe in it, the God force!

Make peace in your heart and as you do so, your soul will raise itself to a higher vibration. Know that anger, hatred and all other such emotions are just energy which have gone awry. When you forgive in your own heart, then the world can begin to forgive on a global scale. Have love for all your fellow brothers and sisters on the Earth plane, for that is what you are, brothers and sisters, you all came from the same seed. Ask not, why do they hurt me, but ask instead what can I learn from this experience, and as time passes you will see what it is you are to learn. When you are filled with anger, hatred, frustration, you cannot see anything but that. Once it is removed, then you will begin to see more on a spiritual level as to the meaning of life.

– Maitreya