You often cry out in your pain and suffering, “God, why is this happening to me? I am a good person, why am I suffering?” The reason for this and for all life purpose is karma. It is the repayment of debts and the receiving of debts.

From the minute of Earth time that you are born you begin the path to repaying your karma, receiving karma, and to clearing your Akashic record. If you can do it in this incarnation, then you free yourself from the wheel of life. Look at a mouse in a cage pushing the wheel. That is you on your wheel of life, constantly pushing, moving forward, but never getting there. Occasionally you may get off and have a rest and then get back on again, but until you can clear your Akashic record and control all of the subtle bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – then you are in the cage on the continual wheel, incarnation after incarnation.

There are many spiritual people today, who have beautiful spiritual gifts and are wonderful healers or light workers for us in the Spirit world, but they still have not controlled one or more of their subtle bodies. Until they do this they cannot move forward to a higher level.

How do you control the subtle bodies? Let us start at the beginning with the physical body. The desires of the physical must be controlled, for balance must be attained in all the subtle bodies. Desires for food, excessive compulsions – any desires of the flesh must be controlled if one is to control the physical body. Each subtle body has a Self and a Higher Self, and one must attain the Higher Self in everything.

In the mental body, one must learn to control one’s thoughts – all thoughts. If one has a negative thought about anything, then one cannot be in control of the mental body. Remember that it is thought that creates. What you think, you will create as you raise your vibration higher, so control of the mental body is most important.

Controlling the emotional body is the next step, not allowing your emotional body to be out of control. Many of you on this earth plane take what is said to you in a personal manner and get upset over trivial matters. This creates a blockage in the heart chakra and an imbalance in the emotional body.

Finally there is the control of the spiritual body. One must learn to use this body wisely using the sixth sense – the psychic – and the universal energy in a right and proper manner. When you have done this, then you can communicate with the Higher source and know the peace that passes all understanding.

The path to controlling the Selves in each subtle body is a long and arduous task. It will not happen overnight and at the least will take ten to fifteen years of earth time from when you start your path of learning. All kind of tests are thrown in your way. The purpose of all incarnations is to free you of the limitations you have placed in your subtle bodies. However, when you return to the earth plane for another incarnation, the Self takes control again and the battle between the Self and the Higher Self begins. Many incarnations go by before the control of the subtle bodies is achieved. Sometimes souls plead for help in freeing themselves of their limitations and ask the Lords of Karma for assistance. A teacher or a healer is then found to help them, and arrangements made to work with them in an incarnation.

For many souls on the earth plane at this earth time, opportunities await them to learn to free themselves of the subtle body limitations. The Photon Energy – the Christ Soul in that energy – is creating these opportunities. As there is the power of light, there is also the power of darkness.

The darkness is the Self of all your subtle bodies. It does not want to let go. It will create fear, illusion, doubt, insecurity, and lack of confidence. It will hold you back because it does not want to let go. Why should it? It has had free rein for many thousands of incarnations. Illusion is the worst thing that the Self will create. It can create a situation that has you believing something that is totally untrue. The Higher Self, though, knows the truth. It has no negative thoughts and feelings. It just IS. It is the “I AM” of all. When union with this Higher Self is achieved, then total peace is assured. There are many who think they have achieved control of the subtle bodies – who feel that they have everything in control – but only by their actions will you know if this is so. If they criticize another, if they doubt, have fear, judge another, allow anything negative in their life, then they have not done this. Even one small criticism of another is enough to stop this.

For those who have learned to control the subtle bodies and have passed the tests placed in front of them, the Light shines from their bodies. They are in control of all that they do. The love for their fellow humans shines forth from their heart chakra, and they are truly of man and God, or the Ultimate Force. When this is done, then the earth plane can be left behind once and for all.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #244 from Maitreya Speaks

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