Life Changes

The ego – the Self part of humanity – is what that keeps you chained to the Earth plane. It creates an illusion which stops the Higher Self from showing you the real truth, and so humanity very rarely moves forward. The Self has access, just like the Higher Self, to the soul memory. So, whenever the soul wants to move out of the comfort zone and try something new, the Self says, “No, you will not; look what happened before when you did this!” Then it brings up into the memory all that happened in a previous experience of trying to change. This leads to fear, and humanity does not know how to face fear. There are many books written on fear as well as many courses offered on this subject, but only YOU can accept the change and face the fear.

Often, even when we lay before you the opportunity to change, such as money, people etc. to help you, you still cannot face your fear! You fear and worry about money, work, how you will cope, what will happen etc. instead of just trusting, letting go and walking the new path. Often the new path is and can be so much better than the old way, but you will never know because you have so much fear. Once you do face the fear, then you can change your whole life and soul pattern. My channel herself went through this situation herself when in the Earth year 1992, she was forced to leave Australia for New Zealand. She had so much fear, but she faced that fear and opened up a new door for herself, and she is doing it again with her marriage and move to America! The Self did all it could to stop her, but her Higher Self this time took over, and now new doors are opening for her at every opportunity.

I have said over and over in my newsletters that YOU are the creator of your own reality. You cannot blame anyone for your circumstances because YOU create them. We give you every opportunity to change, but it is YOU with your fear who hold on to the comfort zone and the past, and in doing so, stop the future from happening. As such, you subsequently keep yourself from moving upward in your vibration. Until you are free of fear, you cannot leave the Earth plane, and you will continually bring yourself back to face your fear.

The Earth plane is in much fear at this time and there is so much discord in the family, involving employment, financial issues etc. You are being given the opportunity to make the change, but once again you fear it. Finally, the Universe will force you to face the fear and the change, so much so that you have no alternative to do anything different. Again, YOU and YOU alone create this situation.

The recent experiences in the USA have forced many to face much fear. Yet many souls who have lived a life of difficulty, poverty and hardship are now facing a future which is full of hope and change as well as success. Many were forced to face change, and have done so to their betterment. I was recently asked by a student, “Master, what can I do to raise my vibration?” My reply to that soul was: “Face your fear, let go of it and walk through it, and then see how much your life will change.”


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #166 from Maitreya Speaks