Those of you on the Earth plane have come to work out your own life plan, to repay karma and to live your own life. Many of you though, feel you need to live the life for another, ignoring your own life and life lessons. My channel was surprised when visiting India that the parents not only often dictate the future of their child, but also their marriage and life until marriage. It is the accepted standard in that country, and one rarely goes against the wishes of the parent! This has led to many marriages falling apart, and children not being happy in their careers. With my channel, when doing readings I have experienced the truth of this with clients coming for a reading due to their unhappiness in these areas. Even outside of India, there are countries where this is also normal practice.

You each came with an individual plan, no two persons have the same plan, even multiple births; although they have the same birth chart, they actually have their own plan! The children do not have the same plan as their parents or guardians, but often are directed onto a path they do not want, unable to fulfill their own destiny and plan. This results in a repeat of their life in another incarnation, because they have not fulfilled their destiny in this one. Of course there are some who come to undergo oppression from parents, but they are very few; and an astrologer will be able to tell whether this is the case or not. There are souls who have returned many, many times trying to work out the situation to no avail, because they cannot stand up for what they believe in and oppose their parents.

Each of you has a unique plan for your life and if it is lived according to what you choose before you are born, you will find life will be easy for you, even if you choose hard lessons to live. If you do not follow your plan, life can be hard and a struggle, you make the choice with the decisions you make. Often you fear and have dread over the things you choose. My channel had a fear of speaking in public and of being in the public arena, but she conquered her fear and is now fulfilling her plan. Was it easy for her to do this? No it was not, but she persevered even when the fear consumed her. It took many months and sometimes years, but she did manage to move forward. Yes, she did have a Master teacher helping her, but each one of you also has a Master teacher, and for you it is called your intuition.

Your intuition has no fear, only the Self part of you has fear. An astrologer can assist you to understand your life plan, and direct you to where you need to go, but you alone have to live the plan, no astrologer can do it for you. When you interfere in someone’s life plan, helping them to live it, then you stop them from learning the things they need to do; whether that be helping a person financially, academically, or even spiritually, you are stopping THEIR growth, and making it hard for them to return home with the lessons learned. If there is a need within the plan to help someone, you will know it intuitively, it will be a feeling so strong, it will not leave you, you will feel a compulsion to do so. Live your own life, fulfill your own plan, and allow others to live theirs; you can then come home with a sense of accomplishment knowing you have achieved your destiny!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #393  from Maitreya Speaks.