I have been asked to comment on the subject of marriage within the spiritual context. First of all, may I say that we in spirit do not insist on marriage. It is a choice made by humanity. Man made marriage, and it was created mainly for men to have a hold over women. It does not matter whether a child is born in or out of wedlock; it is still loved by God. Its status does not change that.

Over the earth years, marriage has become a business. It seems the more you can spend on your wedding, the more esteem you have. Yet, marriage is not about clothes or cakes or receptions, it is about the commitment of two people to each other.

There are times when, because of Karma, two people need to marry, as in the case of my channel, Margaret, and her ex-husband. They had unfinished business from the past when he ran away on his wedding night with another woman. In this incarnation he chose to come back and stay – much to his shock when he became aware of this! It created quite a battle within him, and there often is this battle when there is karma in a relationship. One or the other partner still wants to run away!

When two people come together, it should be their choice whether they marry or not. We do not insist on this for you. It is your choice. For many years the Church forced it. Any child born out of marriage was labeled a bastard and was made to feel different. God does not see any child as different; they are all his children.

If you choose to marry, ask of yourself, “Do I need all of the ceremony?” Often, you will find that you do not. If you do choose the ceremony, make it a spiritual one.

Often, two people come together to finish karma and, later on in life, there is no longer any spark left in the relationship. It is also in order to leave a relationship if you are unhappy. If the karma is not finished in the lessons to be learned, the Universe will bring another partner to learn from again. We have no insistence on anything. You, humanity, choose what you need and what you do. Your astrological chart will indicate if you are to have more than one partner or if the possibility is there should you not complete the karma with one partner. It is your choice.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #270  from Maitreya Speaks