No human being is perfect – not on the earth plane. Why is this? It is because the Self part of all humanity with its fear, doubt, and emotional energy does not allow you to be perfect. In the past, most politicians have put the blame on everyone but themselves so as not to tarnish their image. However, it was refreshing to see the new American President – after two of his chosen people withdrew their nominations because of personal problems – admitting that he had to take responsibility for making a mistake. How refreshing to see this, but also how human!

You do make mistakes but most people do not want to admit that they do. How can the world change if those within the world do not admit they are capable of doing wrong? It cannot change; it will never change.

There is no shame in making a mistake. All of you seem to take it so personally when you do make a mistake. You get angry with yourselves, worry about what others will say, etc. What a waste of energy! Instead of giving it no energy, as the US President did, admitting his mistake and moving on, most of humanity keep themselves imprisoned by their wrongs. Forgiveness is the most important energy in the world, yet so many of you cannot forgive yourselves for making the wrong choices – or mistakes if that word must be used.

There are no mistakes, only lessons learned from the experience. There should be no shame that one made a wrong choice. This happens every day on the earth plane. Millions make choices which sometimes are not good. But whether good or bad, they are ALL learning experiences. It is a very highly evolved soul who can forgive another, but an even bigger soul who can forgive oneself. Sometimes the choices one makes hurt another (another source of flagellation of the self). You cannot go back and change anything; nothing can be done to return it to what it was. If this happens, allow yourself forgiveness and move on. So much time and energy is wasted punishing oneself for what one has done.

The US President, a very public man, on TV and radio admitted his wrong choices, yet he did not waste time punishing himself. No, he moved on and left it behind. What an incredible man to be able to do that – to admit he made the wrong choices, and for the world to see that. Here indeed is a very humble man. If anything, learn from his example. It is not wrong to make a mistake. Just affirm that the next time around, if possible, you will make the right decision. Forgiving yourself is the most important thing you can do and something that all should be doing without shame.

– Maitreya

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #220 from Maitreya Speaks.