Are you aware that on the earth plane you can stop another from their destiny or from the enjoyment of something simply by giving your opinion? For instance, it is common practice on earth that, when one has a friend who intends doing something, one tends to say, “Oh I did that, and it didn’t turn out” or “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I did and it wasn’t good.”

How do you know that the person will not enjoy it, or that the person will find it not working out? Your opinion may not be that of another, yet you insist on giving that opinion. Often a person will act on that opinion and miss opportunities. Just by making a comment or giving an opinion you can create karma for yourself. If your opinion or comment stops another from doing something that could enable them to grow, learn lessons, or change their path, then you become a negative force in their life, and this then creates karma.

It is the same also if you make comment about someone to another. Often a friend will say “I intend to meet John Doe today” and you, who have perhaps not had a good experience with John, say “Oh I wouldn’t, he is inclined this way,” or “he is not any good.” By saying this you can perhaps stop someone from connecting with an important part of their life or from learning lessons that have to be learned. If one feels anything about anyone or anything, it is best to remain silent rather than make comment or give an opinion. By being silent one does not create karma. It is the only way to be if one is looking for enlightenment and growth spiritually. While one makes comment and gives an opinion, then one stops oneself and others from growing.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #278 from Maitreya Speaks