Why do you worry so much about owning things? You come into this life with nothing, and you leave this world with nothing. All that you gain in this incarnation is yours to use, or to dispose of if you chose to do so, BUT it is never YOURS. It may seem to you that you own things – and it may seem even more so when your name is on the papers of “ownership” – but just as you have owned, so can you lose, and your fear can actually create the loss of what you own. The less you concern yourself with material things in this incarnation, the easier it is to draw into your energy what you need for this life. You do not realize that often fear – the fear of losing the house, the motor vehicle, whatever it might be – will draw into your energy that loss!

Humanity has such a need to “own” people, motor vehicles, houses etc. I am not stating it is wrong to do this, just that your desire to own something can often work against you, and actually stop the flow. You really own nothing in this life. All that you have is created for your need at the time. So many souls stop their growth, stop their progression because they “own” things, and then do not move forward when it is time to do so, as they are in the “comfort zone.”

Enjoy what you have, do not want to “own” it. Know that when the time comes, one can let it go. When you do this, something bigger and better is usually presented to you. For many of you, the Universe knows what you desire, but your need, your constant worrying about this and that will actually stop the flow of the Universe, stop the flow of more coming into your life. If you live in the NOW, you own nothing, you just enjoy this moment of time, and by doing so, you can move forward when and if necessary.

Owning anything is the Self’s fear. The Higher Self would not bother about owning anything; it has no fear, and it knows that all its needs will be met and all its desires will be manifested! Let go of your fear, and you will then find all your needs beginning to manifest. Stop worrying about ownership of anything. If you do acquire property, enjoy it, but do not “own” it. By doing so, you will be able to make the changes when they come.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #144  from Maitreya Speaks