Humanity today lives in a world where everything is so quick. There is no time to stop and enjoy the smell of a flower or to see a stream meandering downwards. Life is continual rush and hustle. I am often asked, “Master, what can I do to become more spiritual?” and my answer to that is to have patience. When one is in spiritual development one is working with us. When we are working with you we cannot rush the work we do. If we did, your human body would not be able to handle the energies that are being generated by us.

There is much we have to do in helping your body change from one vibration to another, and this has to take time. Yet you on the earth plane you are so impatient. You rarely sit down to think, never mind to become one with us. We cannot work with you when you are rushing about all the time and do not have the time for us. “How much time is needed?” I can hear you say. All we need at the most is a regular thirty earth minutes per day. We do not need you to go into meditation or do anything spectacular, we just need you to sit quietly, and to tune into us. This can be done by visualization, or by thinking of us in some way. We just need you to switch off and allow us access to your body. We can then do what is necessary to help you to raise your vibration. It may take a number of earth years for this to be accomplished. When students do the Masters course, we have a wonderful time because you are not only with us in our realms, but we also have a chance to work on you a lot quicker than would normally happen. Either way, patience is required while our work is done.

You have asked for assistance before you were born from us in the spiritual realms, and we offer that assistance. But unfortunately, when you come to the earth plane, you forget that plea for assistance. It makes our work quite difficult when we cannot work with you. It is said on the earth plane, I believe, that patience is a virtue. It is in a way, because with patience, you can raise your vibration and move into a higher energy. Humanity is in fear of sitting still though because, when one does start to sit still, usually one has to look at issues that need to be addressed. This is the main reason why you cannot sit quiet and still. However, spiritual development cannot take place until you are willing to look at yourself in an intimate and personal way. Only then can we show you the imperfections and help you to move out of them. We do so want to help you, but first you have to help yourself.

– Maitreya

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #298 from Maitreya Speaks.