Peace – Part I

Since the beginning of time – since man and woman first set foot on the earth – humankind has tried to create a lifestyle by doing things the way that they wanted. This has resulted in ego, selfishness, and a lust for control and power. Many prophets have visited the earth plane with their words of encouragement, change, and spirituality, but their words have been ignored, changed, or misinterpreted. For example, the Christian faith was originally a single belief system. Christ taught some wonderful things and, by associating with Mary Magdalene and overturning the tables of the moneychangers in the temple, he showed that he was one with the people and not above them. From one simple faith or belief system has now come many thousands of sects, all of them break-away factions of that first teaching by the Christ.

Each one of these factions believes that they have the answer. Many knock on people’s doors and persuade them to believe in their faith, often using fear tactics to do so such as the ending of the world. This often results in people turning away even more from religions and faiths because it interferes with free will. The original teaching of Christ is not to be found in the New Testament that humankind reveres so much. Only a portion is revealed in that book, and quite a lot has been misinterpreted through translation or simply omitted by priests. They did not feel that certain words should be included because it would have resulted in people turning away from the church.

The original teaching of Christ and all of the prophets who have come to the earth plane since humankind was created was that love is the key, love for oneself, love for your fellow man, and letting go of fear, doubt, and all negative emotions. Become your own master by letting go and allowing love into your heart. With the fishes and the loaves Christ taught about sharing. With Mary Magdalene, he taught that you are all worthy of the Divine Soul’s love, no matter who you are. With the money changers in the temple, he taught about greed. In all of the stories of Christ he taught by example, and he enabled humankind at that time to learn new ways. All of the other prophets did this too.

Christ taught equality for all, and yet two thousand years later there still exists on your earth plane inequality, greed, and fear. After two thousand years, people still have not found the spiritual within themselves. The words of Christ that were so spiritual have been changed beyond comprehension. Many look toward the church, but cannot find the answers on their own spiritual search.

The time has come for humankind to listen to the spiritual within themselves, to take back the power they have given to priests and the religious, to understand what life is really all about, to understand that karma plays a major part in life, and that love is the most important thing. As St. Paul said in Corinthians 1-13, “If you do not have love, you have nothing.”

To make the world a better place, humankind has to turn to the spiritual within, to learn to free themselves from the Lower Self and to allow the Higher Self in. They need to learn about the spiritual laws through karma, astrology, and the ancient arts which are making a return in this century. This will enable humankind to become master of their own destinies. They will no longer hand power over to others but have their own power to create their own destiny. Sadly, many in the “new age” movement (as you call it on this earth plane) do not use the spiritual part of themselves. Many who do still need to do a lot of work on themselves to free themselves of the Lower Self and the Ego. Many others, though, are doing the most wonderful spiritual work.

Until humankind is in touch with the spiritual realms within – with the Higher Self – there will never be peace on earth. Humankind is body, mind and soul; there can be no separation. Find the spiritual and you will find peace.”


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #325 from Maitreya Speaks