Perfection and the Self? It is a Tough One, Keep Trying!

On my travels with my channel, I have become very aware of the need by humanity for perfection. In many, many souls there is a desire to push themselves beyond the normal to attain perfection. For those on the spiritual path, this seems even more so.

The Brotherhood of we in the world beyond yours do not ask for this perfection, YOU are the ones who create the need. For some reason you have this vision of us as being perfect, and you seek to emulate us, to be the same as us. YET, while you are on the Earth plane, and have the Self in control, you cannot do so. Even when you understand the role between the Self and the Higher Self, because of the battle constantly happening between these two energies, it is still not easy to be perfect. The striving to be perfect creates a need in the Self to fight even more.

Yes, the desire of all humanity is to seek perfection, and yes, this can be done, but not by force or even by discipline. Because the Self hates both of these and will fight even more. I am not stating that one should not have discipline because this is necessary is one’s life to some degree and each individual will decide how much discipline they need in their life. When you let go of desire and force, when you act naturally, and forget the need for perfection, then it can start to become a reality. We do not ask for anything other than that you move forward on your life path, aware that while you have unresolved past life issues, while you have fear, doubt, anxiety, jealousy, anger, unhappiness and dis-ease in your life. You will not be happy, and this will be the cause of another incarnation. While you concentrate on the material path in life, and do not attend to the spiritual part of your being, this will also create another incarnation.

Your duty is also to yourself, so many souls spend a lot of time helping others, when they should be helping themselves, This does not mean that those in caring professions should not do so, there is a need for their services and work. However, so many souls interfere in other people’s lives when they should not be doing so. So many souls run away from their own truth and life lessons by taking care of others. One of my students wrote to my channel many months ago of Earth time and informed her that she was now ‘looking after herself’. This soul could not have done anything better. This is what she was supposed to do.

Until one helps oneself, one cannot help the world. Yet so many do not help themselves.

Perfection will come when you can understand yourself, when you can deal with all that is in the subconscious mind and that is hidden away by the Self. Once this starts coming to the surface, then the path to perfection begins. However, if you do not manage to find perfection in this incarnation, the credits accrued in the search so far, are yours. Your next incarnation becomes easier. Remember that in your search for perfection. The battle with the Self is a major task, it is the biggest battle you will ever fight. In the Christian faith they call this ‘the Devil or Satan’ for it is indeed a dark force because it is hidden.

Live each day as if it were your last, do not worry about the future, do not be concerned about the past, you cannot change it, you cannot go backwards, the future is yet to be created by you. Deal with each moment as it comes and by doing that you will then be able to start the path to perfection. Do not berate yourself if you fall or fail though, because we too on our path walked your path, we too failed at times and fell. We know the hard path too. Just remember that. We also finally made it! You can too!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #20 from Maitreya Speaks