Photon Energy Changes

In an earlier article on this website I have written about the changes to the physical body which are occurring because of the Photon Energy. Now that the Photon Energy is intensifying its work in the Universe, enormous numbers of people are experiencing these symptoms. It is due to the cellular changes that are taking place in the physical body at this time. Many souls are making mention of the fact that they are forgetting things. It is neither senility nor what is known as Alzheimer’s disease, but it is the cellular part of the body freeing itself from old concepts and ideas.

Humanity is destined in the future to live in the now. The now is this moment – not the past or the future as you know it on the earth plane – but just now. If one thinks in the now, then one is truly in the moment. Over time, as the Photon Energy changes earth plane as you know it, much will change on a cellular level. For those of you – and there are many young ones among you – who have memory loss, do not fear. It is just your body changing and making way for the new. That is the purpose of the Photon Energy on the earth plane. There are many other changes taking place also, but have no fear.

There will be many who will not experience the changes, for they have chosen not to stay on this earth plane. It is their choice. But for those who stay, change is inevitable. The change must occur for humanity to move forward. Loss of memory is just one symptom. Starting a sentence and then finding that one has forgotten what one is talking about is another. It is just cellular change. This is not a permanent situation but it must happen for you to move forward in vibration. More and more souls are awakening to their higher consciousness than ever before. It is designed to move humanity forward and to clear away the old thinking. Just let it happen if it comes to you. It is not permanent and, once it is over, you will find yourself in a different energy.

You are all mirrors for each other, what you see in another that you do not like or which annoys you is what you need to look at within yourself. It is an aspect of yourself which is being brought to your attention. It is saying “Look, this is what you need to see.” Yet you are often so frightened that you either banish the person from your presence or you run away from the situation. Many of you who are healers, teachers, readers, and therapists often channel so much spiritual energy that this increases the size of the mirror. You wonder why you do not like the person when, in fact, it is yourself that you do not like. Their large stomach – on a subconscious level – reminds you of your own. Their loud laugh is yours. Their embarrassing ways mirror yours. You are looking at yourself and do not realize it.

Often you will laugh at another or make a joke of something about them. You do not realize that you are doing this to yourself. Think about those you do not like. What is it about them you do not like? It is this that you need to look at within yourself. Until you can understand that you are a mirror and that, in another you see a mirror of yourself, you will continue to stumble through life with no direction, not aware of what it is that you have to look at. It is right in front of you but you cannot see it. You do not see because you don’t want to. Yet the person who is the mirror is saying “Look at me, I am trying to tell you something. Can’t you see?” But you are in fear or denial and cannot do this.

The next time you do not like something about someone, ask yourself “What is it that I do not want to see in myself?” You will then be closer to ascension, and to being free of the earth plane forever.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #315 from Maitreya Speaks