Why do you hold on to what you have? All that you have is given by the Creator and is on loan for this incarnation. You can never own it – only use it for this lifetime. Once you pass into the spiritual realms and leave your mortal form behind, so will you leave all that you own.

You can say, “But I have worked for what I own,” and I will say to you, “Yes, this is true, but you have just exchanged energy for energy; nothing is ever yours forever.” Take only what you need in this incarnation. Do not allow your life to be tied down with belongings and possessions. The less that you have, the more energy that can flow around you. The more you tie yourself down with possessions, the more you tie yourself to the earth plane and stop the flow of energy around you.

Look around you at your possessions. What do you have that you no longer need? What are you accumulating that another could use but you hang on to – like a dog with a bone – hoping that one day you can use it? The less that you have, the more you can attract to you. If you have possessions all around you that you do not use and hold on to them because one day you may need them (knowing also that day will never come), then the more you hold yourself from abundance. All that you have is energy in material form. As you let go of all that you do not need, the more you open the door for more. When you hold on to your possessions because of fear or lack in the future, then the energy around you becomes stagnant, still, and cannot move. Therefore you hold back the flow of energy.

Let the energy in your life flow. Do not hold on to anything or anyone. Once you do this, then you will experience an abundance that you have never experienced before and you will find that all that you need flows to you without effort.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #255 from Maitreya Speaks