One of the hardest things to do when on the spiritual path of learning is to recognize what is the Self and what is the Higher Self. Many know the Self as the ego, and yes, it is, but it is also much more. It has learned over the Earth years to penetrate the areas of one’s psyche where all fear, doubt, insecurity and pain lie. It holds on to this, waiting until you make a move away from the comfort zone and where it feels safe and secure, and then it strikes like a snake waiting for a mouse as it passes.

It is hard for many souls to recognize when the Self is there, for the Self can confuse you and have you believing it is the Higher Self. Only a very highly attuned teacher or reader can identify the Self in all its glory. Usually fear is the reason for this happening. The Self is all fear, for it hates change – it wants to stay in the comfort zone of life. It does not want conflict with others as it speaks its truth, so it does not do this. Year after year, it keeps one in bondage and in slavery to itself! The Higher Self continually gives you the path you SHOULD take, the path you have chosen as part of your spiritual journey, but of course the Self keeps you beholden, in fear.

Often you do not know that perhaps hurting someone is what is necessary for THEIR growth, that only by hurting them, will they learn. Often, at school, a teacher will tell a student a truth which the student may not like, but which enables them to move forward and leave behind the old patterns. So it is with us in our world. Through our channels, and often in your dreams and meditations, we try to move you forward. However, the Self often is the one who stops this action by creating the fear.

So many of you on the spiritual path are not true to yourself. You live a lie every day because you cannot bring yourself to face your destiny, to move forward and take the happiness which is yours. You hold yourself back; it is your choice, but often, only when you come home again to our world, do you see your actions and then wish you had not done it, as you face another round of incarnation to learn the same lessons.

Try to recognize what is Self and Higher Self. Try to fulfill your destiny as much as you can. Do not let fear, the fear of others, or the fear of change stop you from moving forward. Once you can do this and not let the Self have free reign, then the Higher Self can truly enter your life and help you accomplish your destiny on the highest level.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #194  from Maitreya Speaks.