Say One Good Thing

Try if you can each day to say one good thing to another person.

Perhaps you may comment on how good their dress looks, or how good they look that day. See the faces of these people who you compliment light up and shine! You will find also as you say the words, you yourself feel better inside also. Just saying those few words can raise the vibration of the energy around you. You will feel it also!

Just imagine if you said something nice to everyone in a room, how good this would be for energy. Of course, it would look contrived if you did this, but it does no harm to make comment in a positive way about someone or something.

Often the person may make a negative remark to your comment. For instance you could say “you are very lovely today, your dress looks wonderful” and the person will reply with, “I am feeling terrible, and this is an old dress” but again you state, “well you certainly look good and that dress suits you”. The more you say it, the more it changes the energy of the person. Usually after saying it twice, the energy starts to change. Try it and you will see.

Who around you is always negative? Try saying something positive to them. Their reaction will be to be negative back, but re-affirm yours statement and it will make them think, some will even thank you. A few words each day are nothing to you, and when you say the words it makes you feel good also. The more you can do this, the more people do it, the more the world can change!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #94  from Maitreya Speaks.