See Yourself as We See You

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #92 from Maitreya Speaks.

If only you could see yourself as we see you. We can see the beautiful energy which is in each and everyone of you. We can see the potential and talent which is available to you when fear and doubt and lack of confidence are no longer there. Each one of you is a spark of God, a piece of the huge energy which is God/Divine Spirit/Ultimate Being. Just imagine if all of those pieces were to shine brightly around the Earth plane, how wonderful the world would be. Your Self stops you from seeing all that we see. It keeps you in the darkness of its negativity because it fears change and does not want to move out of its comfort zone.

The beauty of your energy when it is used in a positive way can change the world. You can make such a difference to the state of the world and the way it is presently. I can hear your words “But how can I, on my own make change”. There was once a woman called Margaret, she was alone, she too had fear, doubt, lack of confidence, self esteem, she saw herself as a nobody. The desire in her to serve God and spirit was so great it overcame the Self and started her on her path. She had to fight many demons inside of her along the way, but she helped me to create this web site, as did her husband Peter. They were just ordinary people, but they both had a vision of working with the Masters, with God. Of changing the energy of the Earth plane. The rest as you say on this Earth plane, is history. This web site now reaches an incredible amount of souls on the Earth plane and more join them every Earth day.

Try to see your own light shining brightly, try to see the potential you have. If all of you stood together with your light, the dark side, the negative group consciousness would not stand a chance. Ask yourself, how can I serve spirit and the Masters? Then, when the ideas come, actually put them into action instead of promising “one day” “next week” “soon”. Let your light shine brightly, you may start with a small spark, but it is enough, for the spark like a flame of fire, will soon spread and get larger.

The more you do, the bigger it will get. Why waste time, start today!

– Maitreya