I am often asked, “Master what can I do to become more spiritual?” and I say to the person, think not of yourself, but of God”. If you forget about yourself, and your needs, and concentrate on the needs of God, then you are on your way to a higher vibration. “But what does God want”? I can hear you say. God needs you to stop thinking about your needs and desires and to think about what you can do to help humanity. Whether it is supporting a child from a poorer country, and enabling the child’s village to have clean water and eventually crops, to teaching another person how to open up their spirit. There are many ways to help God, the Ultimate Being of energy, in the Universe, in the work of humanity.

To be truly spiritual, one needs to forget about one’s own desires. Yes, by all means put your desires out there, make your order, then leave it and serve God. In payment for that service, God, the Ultimate Being, will see your needs and in its thanks will reward your needs. There is an unspoken law that all that is given to God, is given back ten fold, and even one hundred fold. But first you have to forget about your own needs and serve God. Show that you have the faith to believe, to trust. When you do this, the needs are met, and given as reward by a very grateful energy.

You cannot be spiritual while you are in your own desires. The Ultimate Being knows all of your desires, every one of them. Do you think it will not reward you with those desires in time? But first you have to show faith, and you need to show that God comes before your own needs. Only then, will your own needs be met. This is the law of the Universe. What is given out, comes back, again – ten or even a hundred fold.

While you are wrapped up in your own desires, the work of God, of the Ultimate Being of bringing peace, hope and joy to the world cannot function. Once you take your desires away from your own needs, the most amazing things happen. You actually start to achieve abundance! Until you can be aware of this, you cannot see the bigger picture, neither can you manifest what you desire for yourself. It is called Selflessness. You do not think of Self, but of God.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #51 from Maitreya Speaks