Spirit’s World of Many Dimensions

Once you leave the Earth plane there is no time as you know it. Our world is without clocks, timepieces and personal watches; time as you know it is irrelevant to us. So many souls when they return home to us, are concerned about time, but they are often upset that time is no longer meaningful and available. We do not eat food either, however in the beginning, souls often find it difficult to let go of that need and are given the opportunity to think they are eating, until they come to the awareness food is just not needed.

We are a world of many dimensions, the first of these is for souls who are troubled on returning back to their “home.” There are many like this, and they are usually taken care of in the reception halls and tended by souls who on the Earth plane were compassionate and kind energies. Once in our world these returning souls see their life as they lived it, and many find it hard to see the re-play which is a part of your homecoming.

Nobody judges you, you actually judge yourself and then the work of accepting one’s misdemeanors is begun. For these souls, family and friends both on the Earth plane and from our world are waiting to greet them; usually a gathering is a time of reflection and being told not to blame themselves for any actions which caused suffering or pain. Often they come to realize it could be karmic, what they did, nobody is judged, but having to judge oneself is very hard to do. Often souls returning after their review, need to go to a quiet area and come to terms with their actions, here they are counseled by beautiful souls who help them to find peace in their hearts.

The next dimension is one where the souls have lived a life of good deeds and who have not hurt anyone, but neither have they run away from confrontation. This is also the dimension of those who have repaid all of their karma and no longer have to return to the Earth plane. Here they begin the work of beginning their new life as a helper in our world, there are so many who wish to work in service!

There are many dimensions, very many. You wear no clothes and have no body, you are pure consciousness, yet you can see, and communicate in thought with others. You have no need for ego either, our world is a world where there are no secrets, and lies are a part of life on the Earth plane. You are exposed, every thought you have is connected to the Ultimate Being or as you call it, God. That energy knows you so intimately, and will give you teaching if you need it.

Your soul is eternal, if you have finished your life on the Earth plane, you will begin your new life with us and not return for another incarnation. Our world is a world of color, vibration, it is unlike nothing on the Earth plane, the Earth plane is a pale comparison of our world; you have not seen color as you will see in our world. You can die today, spend the equivalent of 1,000 years of spirit time, and yet return tomorrow to your world again.

Many of you fear death; do not do so. We are with you when you pass to home again, you are never alone, and never will be. All the negative as you know it, will fade away, and usually it does not take long to go through the contemplation of your review. You will experience such love when you come home, a love you have never experienced before, even in marriage or relationships. This is the love, the acceptance of your soul by the Ultimate Being, many have never experienced such love, and they are overwhelmed by the experience.

No one can escape death, but those on the Earth plane can try and live a true life, one without criticism, hate, fear, doubt, and other emotions, so that when they return to their true home, they can do so with joy and peace. It truly is a wonderful experience. Our world is not boring or dull, we are so active and have many ways to amuse ourselves, even those in our world who are very high in vibration have wonderful times of fun! Just know you will return “home” to your true home, and have many illusions of our world that you have, shattered!

– Maitreya

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #396 from Maitreya Speaks