Spiritual Development

One of the subjects raised often by students and by viewers to this website is the subject of spiritual development.

Many souls imagine or vision immediate change once they are in the presence of myself or other Masters. Although this can happen, it is dependent on how much work you have already done on yourself. It often takes many Earth years of work on oneself before change can take place.

Over many incarnations because of fear, doubt, and many other negative emotions humanity has often not dealt with issues created by the Self. (Ego) These issues stay in the soul memory, eventually coming out into the mental (thinking) memory, waiting to be dealt with. Often, the Universe will create the exact same situation again to enable you to deal with this and let it go. Usually because of fear, this is not done. When a soul is in the presence of a Master through a channel, the energy of the Master can then penetrate the soul of that person and start the process of healing.

Those who channel Masters often take on the negativity of those who they are dealing with. Many have called this Stigmata. Often, the Masters channel will become a surrogate for the person seeking help because they cannot release their own emotions. So that channel becomes a surrogate and releases this energy for them through the etheric body. However, even after this has been done, the cork has only been pulled out of the bottle, and then, like with the Earth drink Champagne, the bubbles have to come to the surface and come out.

The bubbles being the negative blocks embedded in the soul memory. Think about how many times you have wanted to speak to someone about something bothering you and then realized how many times you did not say it. This thought becomes an energy once it is created, and if it is not spoken, will stay inside like a bubble waiting to emerge, but unable to do so because you will not allow it.

However it does not leave the soul memory, and eventually creates a block in the throat chakra of the person who had the original thought. If not dealt with in that incarnation, it carries through to the next one, and the next if not dealt with then, and so on. Often souls ask for a Masters intervention to help them release the energy in their next incarnation and it is those souls whom we teach on the Masters courses. However, it is just the beginning.

After, we have done our work, YOU have to do yours. You have to face the Self and do battle with the Self. Many fall by the wayside because they cannot fight, but some do face their fear, their negative emotions and it is those who go further, onwards and upwards until they do not have anything else to deal with.

Their soul memory is empty! Each one of you has the chance to do this, for each one of you reading this, has asked the Masters for their help in your evolution as a soul. It is why this web site was created, as a guiding light to all of you seeking assistance. The reward for all of the hard work involved is priceless. It is there waiting for each and every one of you. However, it takes one key ingredient, YOU!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #91 from Maitreya Speaks