Spiritual Law

Just as there are laws made on the earth plane, so there is a spiritual law. It is a law that is not man-made but made by God. Laws are teachings that are supposed to help humanity with guidelines for behavior.

On the earth plane, this law changes constantly with the changes of government or dictator. On the spiritual level, each generation is given a new law to suit the energy that generation creates. For instance, the law of the Old Testament, as it is known, is not suitable for this day and age because humanity has changed so much since that time. As humanity progresses and changes, so does the law. The Divine Being, or God, or whatever name you give to that energy is constantly in a state of renewal. It is aware of all that you are doing and of why you are doing it. You can lie to yourself, but not to that energy. With this in mind, it constantly updates the law so that each generation will have a guide. It is for this reason that there are so many differences in the law over the earth years. Occasionally, there will be more than one change in a century because humanity changes so much.

I carry the message for the new law. It speaks of becoming one’s own Master, of reverence for all faiths, of respect for each soul and their beliefs. Each soul becomes their own person, responsible for their own actions, decisions, and life.

YOU are the most important person in this incarnation. Yet, so many of you become concerned with others, sometimes interfering in their lives and stopping them from growing. While you are involved with others, you cannot grow yourself.

The law of this time is different from other laws because the Divine Being, God, can see that, until humanity can understand one’s Higher Self, one can never be at peace. It is time for humanity to take responsibility for their own lives and leave others to live theirs. The spiritual laws I bring from this beautiful energy are not connected to ‘thou shalt not’. That was the teaching of the past, or the interpretation of that teaching. It restricted humanity and stopped its growth. The new law or teaching is designed to speak to each man’s soul.

For those who are ready and have no fear of change, it will speak to their heart. For those who have fear of change, it will be as if I am the Devil itself. In the future of earth time, there will again be new laws and there will be other messengers. As humanity grows, the need will be there for change. One thing is certain, and that is the fact that nothing stays the same. Humanity can try to keep it that way, but the Universe will constantly move which, in turn, will bring that change.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #353  from Maitreya Speaks.