Spirituality is Peace Within Yourself

It is quite common knowledge that for one to be “spiritual” one needs to meditate, live in a pyramid, be a vegetarian, and be different to anyone else. This could not be further from the truth. All of those are personal choices; but to be truly spiritual, if one wants to call it that, all one needs to do is to be true to oneself! 95% of people, even those who profess to be spiritual, are living a lie; that same amount live in fear and will not face or remove their fear!

Again, those people will not speak their truth, neither will they admit when they are wrong, and do not live their own truth, preferring instead to interfere in everyone’s life, but their own. Laughter is not for them; they seem to think laughter is wrong, and yet there could be nothing better than to laugh at whatever one can, as long as it does not hurt another. Sexual energy is also not spoken about, never mind practiced. Yet, in order for the body and spiritual chakra system to be cleansed, regular sexual energy, either with a partner or on one’s own, is one of the most important things on the so called “spiritual” path.

The Catholic church stated Priests must be celibate, yet look at the pedophiles inside the church and how much damage was, and still is, being caused by this edict. To be “spiritual,” one needs to be at peace with oneself, one needs to be able to say sorry and apologize with no pride. One needs to be happy. So many are in jobs they dislike, and yet, will not change due to fear. One needs to have NO fear.

The energy you know as God, will not punish you because you do not meditate. Meditation, for many, comes in many different ways, such as walking, or taking a shower. For my channel, it occurred when she was ironing. One does not have to sit cross legged and in silence. If you are an empty vessel, i.e. your body has no fear, pride, or other emotion, God can fill up your being with the most wonderful peace and understanding about life, and open you up to the most wonderful intuition.

For those who do meditation differently, it is your choice. But, for those who find meditation difficult, there are alternatives. You do not have to pray, we hear your prayers. If your life plan allows what you need, we will provide it. If you are repaying karma, or learning lessons, we will provide it once the lesson or karma is done.

Religion, for us, has created so much misinformation about the soul, spirit and our world. Many fear to return home for fear of being punished. But, nobody punishes you. YOU punish yourself by seeing what you did, or allowed the Self to do, on the Earth plane, for you come home without the ego or Self.

Spirituality begins by being absolutely true to yourself, not living a lie, admitting you can be wrong, listening to your intuition and following it, and more than anything else, being at peace within yourself! You are all souls on a path; you have chosen that path. But, more than anything, you are a part of God, and that God does not punish. God has the most amazing compassion and love; when one has felt it, one has truly felt love. Do not despair because you do not feel spiritual; spirituality is practiced in many ways. Just know you can chose how you wish to communicate with us, there are many ways, and there is a way to suit you!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #371  from Maitreya Speaks.