You believe that you have to suffer, but you do not. You cry out loud, “This is my karma!” yet you do not have to face that karma and suffer. It is how you live it that makes the difference. The soul is on the earth plane to free itself from many errors of the past. If one looks for the positive message in each situation, then there is no suffering. Let me tell you a story.

My channel, Margaret, was married to a very nice man. She had a good marriage until she decided to become spiritual. Her husband did not like her doing this and so made life difficult for her. He would not answer her business telephone and he was rude to her clients or ignored them all together. They had a business together. Then one day, after much contemplation, my channel realized that her marriage was not going to work. She could not give up her spiritual path. Her children had grown and left home, and it was time for her to move ahead with her life. So she then left her marriage.

Through intuition, we put the thought in her consciousness to visit a friend of hers who is very intuitive. Through this friend we informed her that her husband would do one last thing out of anger. She was to walk away and not look back when this happened. Months later, her ex-husband went into their business and removed everything of value while my channel was traveling in another town. A few days later, he went to the bank and took all of the money out of their account. My channel heard about this from her office manager who went into the business to find it empty. Days later she went to the bank for money to pay accounts, and there was nothing there.

My channel was devastated. She thought to herself, “Why did the Spirit world not help me?” She was angry with us because she thought we had created the suffering. We did not. She had the choice of seeing it as a blessing or as a curse. Through her friend we had told her prior to this that her ex-husband would do one last thing out of anger and that she should walk away and not look back. For many months she was angry with us, yet we had done nothing. We could not have stopped her ex-husband from doing what he did, but we did give warning that it was to happen. Reluctantly, my channel moved forward. Destitute, she had to borrow money to pay her accounts, but we made sure that a friend was there, close at hand to help her with this. All the money she needed was there, and her friend assured my channel that she did not care if it was ever paid back.

When her ex-husband pursued her for the motor car she owned, she decided that he would never leave her alone, and so made the decision to go overseas for a while. It was the saddest day of her life when she made that decision, because she did not want to leave. She had nothing. Her new business partner, (her next future husband) paid for their airfares because she could not pay for them.

Prior to the happening in the shop, she had given her ex-husband all of the household furniture, because she did not need it with her traveling, and he did need it. She had nothing left. This, to her, was indeed suffering. However, she did have faith that there was a reason for what had happened.

One year later, my channel had become a very successful radio and magazine clairvoyant in the new country and was earning far more income than she had in the shop; she was very successful. All that she had lost was replaced within two earth years, and from her experience with her ex-husband, she learned so many lessons. The most important lesson was to walk away and not look back, to keep moving forward and not go backward.

The future is always better than the past – if only humanity could see that. But often they cannot. They hold on to all that they have, afraid to let go, not trusting that the Universe will right the wrong. Yet letting go of the past is the only way to move forward into the Light. Within one year of her moving away, my channel telephoned her ex-husband and thanked him for his actions. She could finally see that, had she stayed the way she was, she would still be there – Still, as my channel puts it – ‘plodding along’. Instead she had become so successful.

You can either see situations that happen to you as positive experiences to learn from, or wallow in self-pity. It is your choice. You choose whether you “suffer” or not. The next time something bad happens to you, remember that nothing happens that is not meant to improve your life and assist you to move forward. You just need to have faith that there is, as you say on the earth plane, a bigger, brighter picture.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #299  from Maitreya Speaks.