Testing with Negative People

I was recently asked by a student, “Do I have to be in a situation with negative people”? This was an interesting question because in some cases, it may be necessary for you to be in this situation to learn from these people.

My channel was in such a situation last year, where she was confronted with someone who was not as much negative but mirrored for her, the dramatic energy that was a part of her. I think the term used on the Earth plane is “Drama Queen”. Margaret became aware for the first time, that this woman was exactly the same as her, and at that moment in Earth time, made a decision that she did not want to be like that anymore. This realization elevated her then to a higher vibration, as she left behind the emotional tie that had created the dramatics for so long. One knows if one has to learn something from people who are negative, or who mirror something for them, because if one walks away from one situation, the Universe creates another situation exactly the same. I have often said, it is not the people who are important on your path in life, but it is the lessons that they bring. If one has dealt with the situation and learned the lesson, there is no more mirroring, and the people move away from your energy, never to return. What they came to do, to show you an aspect of yourself you needed to see, is finished. They have done their allotted task, and the situation is no more.

This person also asked, “When you are enlightened, are you still tested?” the answer to this surprisingly is yes! Until you leave the Earth plane, you are continually tested. Just to make sure that you are not going backwards on your learning, or that you keep aware of what you have let go of. The only difference is that the enlightened being, has no reaction, and gives no energy to it. They do not need to, they have moved away from that situation, it is no longer a part of their life!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #50 from Maitreya Speaks