The Grindstone

How many of you push the grindstone every day? By this I mean, how many of you go to your place of work and are thoroughly miserable at what you do? If this is you then you need to step out of fear and into your dreams. So many of you have dreams but do not believe that you can fulfill those dreams. Yet you can. You are capable with the right thought of being able to manifest all that you desire and more! You do this by eliminating fear – the fear of not having a job, the fear of not having enough money. There are so many fears yet, once they are removed, the barrier to manifesting comes tumbling down.

There are those who have been on the grindstone for decades, pushing the stone every day, hating each and every moment of it, fearing change, fearing unemployment, fearing poverty, fearing so many things. Yet the Universe will provide all that you ask for – but you have to ask! There are those of you who ask and then in the next breath say, “Oh, but that will never come my way,” or “I do not deserve that,” or “I am not worthy of such a thing.” While you do this, you will stay pushing the grindstone, and each year it becomes heavier and heavier.

Try to stand outside the stone. Ask yourself, “What would I like to do if I could do it?” Then start manifesting that reality. It may take some earth time, but you will get there if you keep on being positive, not allowing anything negative to break up what you have created.

Get off the grindstone. Get a life!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #276 from Maitreya Speaks