The Holiday Season of Christmas!

The Western world will soon be celebrating the Christmas season. Although it is a Christian holiday, many other souls celebrate this time of celebration with them.

For those of you who read this website, I would like to ask you to remember the reason for the season of Christmas. Yes, it was to celebrate the birth of a wonderful Prophet, but it is also a time to remember those less fortunate than yourself.

I would ask those who read this newsletter to consider doing something for someone less fortunate than yourself this Christmas season. I can already hear a few of you making comment that you have very little yourself. However, you do not have to purchase anything if you do not wish to. Just giving of your time to help someone is enough. If you can afford it, and have spare food in your larder, why not consider making a parcel of food for someone who does not have what you have, or for a less fortunate family in your area. Perhaps you know of some children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts. Have a look around you and ask yourself, what can I do to remember the Christmas season and its reason?

There is much you can do if you look around you. Perhaps someone needs snow moved from outside their house. Another may need some jobs doing around the house. Instead of burying your head in your own life this season, look around and see if someone needs assistance or help.

The act of giving has a special meaning when it is done through service and love without any thought of reward on your part. Each time that you do this you earn credits in your karma.

Yes, it is a time of giving, but it is also a time to reflect and no matter what your circumstance, to be thankful for what you have in your life. There is always someone who has less than you.

As the Earth years have passed, consumerism has replaced the true meaning of Christmas, perhaps it is time to put the real meaning back, even if you are not a Christian.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #30  from Maitreya Speaks.