The More People Can Pray, The More Light

It is so good to be able to communicate with you again. The Earth plane is again going through conflict, darkness whirls all around, and it is difficult to try to lift the spirits and to be cheerful and optimistic with all this happening. Yet, it is at times like this that one needs try and remain up lifted. There are many who say, “Will this madness, this fighting, this conflict ever end”? For it seems that it is constant. This is brother against brother, yet they do not see this, for they see their brother as their enemy. Until more light is brought to the Earth plane, the darkness will prevail. Each one of you is a light beacon in the darkness. If you have a connection to spirit, if you feel spiritual, work in the spiritual, or read about the spiritual, then your thoughts can help bring a change to the darkness. Think of one singer, and the power that the voice of the singer has? It has quite a great deal of power, but then think of a choir of many, say fifty people and think of the effect those fifty voices have, and you will see the power of numbers. The more people that can remain positive, non judgmental, detached, the more light can be brought to the dark areas of the world.

It is our purpose with your help, yes, you souls who are committed to assisting spirit, to bring in a new energy to the Earth plane. This new energy can be manifested by the power of many. Many souls all thinking of peace, non-conflict and of a different Earth plane, one without war or trouble. This may take some time to manifest, but once it is put into motion, once enough souls think along those themes, then it CAN change the energy of the Earth plane. Verbal requests can also be of great benefit, asking of your God, whatever you believe that force to be, can also be of benefit, because the power of the spoken word is mighty indeed.

It is hard to remain positive when so many issues are causing strife and trouble around the world. The more people that can verbalize and pray, the more light that can enter and make change. Each one of you is a beacon of light, switch on the lamp and make this Earth plane a brighter place. Not only will you feel up lifted yourself, but you will also uplift the world. It seems a huge task, yet it is not. Switch on the light!

– Maitreya

This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #4  from Maitreya Speaks.