The Power of Prayer

The power of prayer is a mighty tool. History has shown how prayer can help humanity and individuals to attain their desires. Whether this be in the form of personal needs, or healing for the mind body and soul. By making a prayer, one makes a request to the Universe, to the Ultimate Being overseeing that Universe. In the troubled times on the Earth plane as I dictate this message, there is much discussion and fear of war. I will not and do not want to discuss this issue in any way, humanity chooses it’s own destiny, I cannot intervene, although I have been asked to, I cannot do so. This is because I cannot interfere with the free will and choice of humanity. There is always a choice, it is often thought that something is destined, and yes to a degree it can happen, but then on the other hand, it does not have to happen. Again history is full of examples of choices people made that changed their destiny.

At this time, the more prayers that are made, the more requests of the Universe, the more the positive choices of humanity can become a reality.

If you pray, then do so, and pray for peace. It often helps if people all pray at the same time. I asked my channel Margaret to choose a date for the prayer of peace, and she has chosen January 30th 2003 at Noon Australian EST.

At this time, if you can all join together and put in your request, then you are making a choice of not supporting war. The more souls that pray or request, for that is what prayer is, the better the chance of peace.

The Earth plane despite it’s negative overtones, is a beautiful place to be. It can become an even better place to be. War will not solve the problems of the Earth plane, it just makes it worse. History has shown that also. I do not advocate living in the past by my mentioning history, however it is recorded in your books and online, hence my mentioning it as a reference.

In order to move forward, humanity has to forget the past, the concept of war is of the past, it is no longer viable. As more and more souls move into a higher vibration, more and more people are making their views known.

Will you make your views known?


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #64 from Maitreya Speaks